A winning WSO offer – in one hour?

If you’re serious about internet marketing you really need to get onto the Warrior Forum. You’ll find tips and tricks available for free as well as some low cost special offers.

It’s also just about the best place for a newbie to go from zero to hero in a very short space of time. So how can you make money from the Warrior Forum?

First go to the Warrior Special Offers forum. You’ll see some exclusive WSOs, others are vastly discounted offers on original marketers’ products.

Think that an eBay ad does well with a thousand plus views? Today I checked the WSO index page. There are ads on there that have 43,332 views, 111,292 views and more. That can mean thousands of copies sold in a very short space of time.

Create a compelling headline. Statistics like copies sold and amounts of money made work well. Power words such as easy and fast will also help.

Make the product something that internet marketers need. They need website traffic so SEO is always in demand. A product needs a sales page – marketers benefit from copywriting tips and services. And you’re not marketing on the internet without adding more subscribers to your emails, so list building is always popular.

My first WSO only product will be on how to build a list with adswaps – an interview based product called Safe Swaps Undercover.

If you’re having trouble coming up with a product here’s my recommendation:

Why not interview a successful internet marketer? Come up with 15 – 20 questions, arrange a Skype interview, record and sell it on the Warrior Forum.

And if you’re short of people to interview, have a look at that Warrior Special Offers page. Find a successful WSO, arrange for an interview and you can leverage the author’s success for your own product! The author gets publicity too. Done right, it’s win:win.

Interested? Learn more about the Warrior Forum here.

4 Responses to “A winning WSO offer – in one hour?”

  1. I am an Electronics Engineer and Wireman. I live in Surrey. I am Sixy years old but cannot find work because most electronics Companies have close around SW London and Surrey.

    I have just joined Chrisfarrell Membership.com to find out how to get started to make money in internet marketing. I’m looking to just make some sort of income to make a wage.

    Yours Faithfully

  2. George Since you are in Electronics why not try steampunk look it up or go to steampunk workshop Maybe you can sell creations locally or on ebay pete is an expert on ebay and helping people with their niche

  3. How’s things?, is someone able to recommend on free eBay application that can bid automatically just before the auction finishes? (I forget the correct term for this. thanks

  4. Hi Angila, For a free auction sniper use goofbay.com. For a more reliable paid sniper try auctionstealer.com.

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