A Working Holiday In Andalucia

This is about internet marketing on autopilot. Not ‘make money while you sleep’, ‘push button riches’ or ‘[add cliche here]’ – there’s still writing, checking and preparing to do. It is about setting up systems that make my business easy to run when I’m not there.

First of all, meet my wife Rachel and daughter Katie. I took this photo at our small apartment in the village of Jimena in Andalucia, Spain. We’ve lived there before and maybe will again.

Before we left for Spain this year I wanted to put out Auction Profit Formula. I always pre-launch products to my own list first. I get my new product out fast. My subscribers get a discount. Win/win.

But time caught up with me. Before I knew it there was just one day to go before departure.

I could’ve got a roaming broadband connection to take with me. But the ones I’ve tried are expensive and unreliable.

There’s always Pepe’s Internet Cafe. But that’s 3 km out of Jimena. And Pepe opens the cafe pretty much when he feels like it.

Solution: Set everything up before leaving for Spain.

Were you on my list last month? Then you’ll have received three days of promotional emails. Maybe you thought I was sending them out daily. But each email was written and pre-loaded into my Aweber autoresponder. They were sent out automatically a week later – whilst I was in Jimena.

The AWeber autoresponder service is essential to my list building efforts. I now concentrate almost totally on increasing my list. Subscribers are the biggest asset bar nothing of any internet business.

I’ve just written Swap And Giveaway The Right Way. It’s a free 17 page report that details how to build a list from zero at no to low cost. It’s possible to do this properly without a product. Who knew?

Of course with products and an existing list it’s even better.

Want to find out more? Get Swap And Giveaway The Right Way here.

4 Responses to “A Working Holiday In Andalucia”

  1. What a gorgeous family! Your little one has such a “live” face.

    Lucky man.

    Generally I switch off from the hundreds of people that write to me as it is all sales, sales,sales.

    But you have joined Chris Farrell in coming over as a real person, so believable. He is the only long term marketer I follow.

    I look forward to doing business with you.

    Warm regards


  2. Hi Pete,

    I’m glad you have this. I need to build a list. Thanks for the list building eBook.

    Come by my blog and visit anytime you like don’t forget to leave a comment so I know you came by.

    To your success
    Zora Blume

  3. Thank you Pete
    I will get right on it and see where it will take me.
    Maybe get my first sell online,it most be very exciting living in spain.
    Take care Javier Rivas

  4. william tanaya on May 13th, 2012 at 6:50 pm

    Thank you master Pete.
    Your ebook very…very…help helpful.
    GOD bless!!! ^_^

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