Article Marketing The Easy Way

Article marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get traffic to your product offers or website – it’s free too. This guide shows you how to get your articles created and submitted.

Article Creation and Submission
First of all, based on the product or products you sell, identify the niche you’ll be writing about, and write a minimum of 400 words per article. If you need any ideas, search the internet for similar articles. Take inspiration from the articles, don’t copy them! Look at the structure and content of articles that you consider to be impressive. Remember that people are mainly searching for information online. They don’t usually want aggressive product pitches. You can still promote, but make it subtle.

Plan to include the link that you want to promote, whether it’s to your eBay listings, Amazon products, your own site or anything else suitable that is related to your article.

The one site that you must get your articles on is This is by far the most popular article site. It has a few more rules than most, but pay attention to these rules when you sign up, follow them when you submit an article and you should be fine. To ensure that this is unique content, submit the article manually.

Then write the article again, much as you would rewrite an excerpt from a book as a school essay (remember?). This second version is the one that you are going to spin and submit to nineteen more sites.

Article Spinning
Article spinning gives your article software the instructions to create lots of different versions of the same article. Google wants their users to have a varied and informative learning experience. What they don’t want is twenty of your articles all with exactly the same wording on the first few pages of a user search – even if you do. With article spinning you stay on the right side of Google whilst getting plenty of different versions of the same article high in the search engines.

Here’s how to spin a sentence in an article. The normal sentence is:

Article marketing is an excellent way of promoting the products that you sell online – and it’s free!

In order to spin the sentence, put the word variations inside these characters {}, a.k.a. open braces. Each phrase or word should be separated with a |, or pipe. Here’s the sentence in spin-ready form:

{Article marketing|Article creation|Marketing with articles} is {an excellent way|a great way|one of the best ways} of {promoting|advertising} the {products|items|goods} you {sell|offer} {online|on the internet} – and {it’s free|it doesn’t cost anything|it won’t cost you a penny}!

Now do that with every sentence in the article. It’s easy once you get the hang of it. The spinner will take an arbitrary word or phrase from between the open braces and use it to spin your article.

AS Helper
Now go to After opting in with the form on the right of the page, download and install the software. AS Helper recommends submitting to 126 sites. Personally I find that there are only a few sites that are worth my time. I recommend the following:

For further instructions and a step by step guide to using ASHelper visit You’ll get in-depth instructions on how to join each site and include them in your software for fast submission, and more details on how to spin articles.

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