Bad news, good news on eBay and Amazon

Here’s a heads up on some changes on eBay and Amazon…

One of the best features to get traffic off eBay and onto your own site was eBay allowing you to link to your own off eBay webpage. You could also link to your own email address as a point of contact rather than using the eBay My Messages system.

eBay have tightened up on this. You’re no longer able to link to an off eBay site or an email address on your webpage.

However, you can still link to your About Me page from your auction listings. From your About Me page you can include links to your website and own email address.

So on every listing, include at least one prominent link of your own to your About Me page. The link should read

Find out more about us here

or similar. Then on your About Me page include your off eBay links and email address.

Amazon’s new policy change is better news.

For a long time Amazon product listings have lacked the flexibility of eBay. That’s changed because Amazon now allows bundled products. Say for example that you want to create a bundle of iPod covers, screen protectors and a set of speakers. You can now do that as one product rather than listing them separately.

This is exactly the kind of strategy that I describe in Auction Profit Formula. It wasn’t really possible on Amazon – until now.

Selling a product bundle on Amazon is like having your own new product. So you’ll need an ISDN bar code for each bundle to sell on Amazon. Get ISDNs cheaply from Bar Codes Talk.

The product bundle policy currently applies to only.

Amazon have announced this at just the right time. If you plan to start a business that includes product bundles, or you want to expand from selling purely on eBay, now’s the time to do it. Move fast and you can be up and running for the Christmas rush.

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  1. Great tips Pete

    I like Amazon a lot because of the FBA program….you just send everything to Amazon and they ship it to the customers for you.

    Great program


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