Before You Buy Try THIS

Before I buy any product online, I always read the reviews first. Online reputations can be made or broken by the opinions of other people, and with a good cross section of opinions you can usually make an informed buying decision. The main place I go to research information products online before I buy is The Warrior Forum.

Whilst you’ll find a fair share of keyboard jockeys who are only too ready to give their “I haven’t tried this product but…” two cents worth – and the more expensive the product, the more likely you are to encounter this! – the majority of posts are helpful and authoritative. Keep a lookout for the Warrior Special Offers, test marketed versions of products that are launched to Warriors at a low price in order to determine potential and get the product off to a good start. If you’re launching an information product, what works for them could also work for you…

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  1. Hi Peter,
    I found my way to your blog via your comment on Joelle Hughes’ blog.
    I started doing John Thornhill’s Masterclass but something happened that meant I had to stop the course for awhile, but i hope to restart it later this year.
    Your blog seems to have gone quiet and I just wondered where you were up to? as you seem to have an honest outlook. Never heard of Chris Malta myself but I shall check him out, now
    all the best, please drop in on my blog sometime, till then
    Good Luck

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