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The Dark Side Of Exit Splash

AWeber is the company that looks after my subscriber list. The list is the most valuable thing that I own. So I was less than happy when I received a message as I worked on my account which read: “Your AWeber account has been blocked.” No explanation. No clues as to why my account was […]

What the other marketers DON’T tell you

Suspicious subscriber Mary Bradley writes regarding my subscribers list. She asks: “Why do you want me to join your buyers list? I’m already subscribed. How many lists am I supposed to be on?” First of all, this is my fault for assuming everyone knows how an autoresponder mailing service works. So here goes… I’ve got […]

My New Master Resale Rights Software

I’ve just released Fast Auction Lister, my free new eBay design software. If you’ve not got it yet, download it here and use this code to activate the software: HBBNT-KKIOU-POIUY-89IUT This is an extremely powerful system for getting subscribers. That’s because I normally require the prospect to give me their email address to get the […]

Online Selling: What’s working right now?

There are so many varied opinions on how to build an internet marketing business that it’s easy to get sidetracked – or give up altogether. The best people to give advice are those that are making a full time living online right now. I talked to eleven successful marketers and email copywriters for my Dynamite […]

A Working Holiday In Andalucia

This is about internet marketing on autopilot. Not ‘make money while you sleep’, ‘push button riches’ or ‘[add cliche here]’ – there’s still writing, checking and preparing to do. It is about setting up systems that make my business easy to run when I’m not there. First of all, meet my wife Rachel and daughter […]

How to build your list with giveaways

At the moment I’m focusing completely on building my list of subscribers. That’s why I was interested when Keith Purkiss wrote to me about giveaway events. If the idea of an internet marketing giveaway event is new to you, you’re not alone. A couple of weeks ago I’d never even seen an internet marketing giveaway […]

Rocket Your AWeber Email Open Rate

Want to build an opt in mailing list of repeat customers? You should, because repeat customers are far more valuable than one time buyers. You’ll need an autoresponder service to build your list. The most popular of these is AWeber. Even with a high opening rate, there’ll always be subscribers that don’t open your emails. […]