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More About My Webinars

On Tuesday 8th May I’ll be running my first ever webinars. One of the things that has put me off webinars in the past is the expense. The main webinar platform is It costs $499 per month to use their 1,000 subscriber option. It must be worthwhile or people wouldn’t use the service. But […]

Bad news, good news on eBay and Amazon

Here’s a heads up on some changes on eBay and Amazon… One of the best features to get traffic off eBay and onto your own site was eBay allowing you to link to your own off eBay webpage. You could also link to your own email address as a point of contact rather than using […]

Giveaway List Building Results Revealed

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post about using giveaways to build a list. Normally I’d only write about something that I’ve already tried and can recommend to you. But this is genuinely new to me so I wanted you to see with me whether this strategy works or not. Well, the results are […]

Article Marketing The Easy Way

Article marketing is one of the fastest and easiest ways to get traffic to your product offers or website – it’s free too. This guide shows you how to get your articles created and submitted. Article Creation and Submission First of all, based on the product or products you sell, identify the niche you’ll be […]

Before You Buy Try THIS

Before I buy any product online, I always read the reviews first. Online reputations can be made or broken by the opinions of other people, and with a good cross section of opinions you can usually make an informed buying decision. The main place I go to research information products online before I buy is […]