Driving Traffic With Facebook And Twitter

Years of refusal.

But finally I’ve started to use Facebook and Twitter for my marketing. Why the wait? Partly because I wanted to get things right. Plus I knew there’d be a bit of a learning curve ahead…

First I wanted to launch a page on Facebook. So I bought some software to help me create the page.

Long story short: After three hours of apps, timelines, Facebook mark up text and more I was ready to give up.

Fortunately Frank Salinas’s guide EZ Free Fan Pages helped me out. No apps needed with this one. With EZ Free Fan Pages I had what I wanted done in under an hour.

If you’ve more experience with Facebook than me, you might not need help with page creation. But if you do, EZ Free Fan Pages is the product to go for.

Have a look at the results here.

You can see that after you click Like (thanks for that!) you’re lead to a splash page. Then you’re taken to the squeeze page. It’s only after filling in the form that you finally get your free gifts.

Why turn a simple ‘click the Like button to get your freebies’ request into a three step process?

With 800 million Facebook users there’s no shortage of traffic.

But overall, Facebook traffic is lower than average quality. It costs me money to keep freebie seekers on my list. The three step system encourages the higher quality targeted prospects to opt in.

Next I wanted to start using my Twitter account. I’ve even less interest in publishing ‘what I had for breakfast’ messages on Twitter than I have in reading them. I want an automated system that fires out eBay/Amazon/IM related tweets.

If you’re interested in an automated Twitter account, I recommend Auto Tweet Cash. This course is (thankfully!) straightforward and easily implemented.

Within 72 hours after putting Auto Tweet Cash into place I had my first affiliate product sale from Twitter.

How many followers you add to your account after that is up to you. But just making a couple of return visits per week to the Auto Tweet Cash system will ensure your account keeps growing.

Check out my Twitter account here.

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