How to build your list with giveaways

At the moment I’m focusing completely on building my list of subscribers. That’s why I was interested when Keith Purkiss wrote to me about giveaway events.

If the idea of an internet marketing giveaway event is new to you, you’re not alone. A couple of weeks ago I’d never even seen an internet marketing giveaway event online so this has been a crash course for me.

In giveaway events, marketers offer free products in order to build their list. You can also list special offers, usually for paid products. Ads are shown in rotation. If you want your ad shown more often you can upgrade (which usually costs about $5 – $27). Upgrading also means that you can submit more free and special offer products.

As you can imagine, joining and submitting your products to these sites can be time consuming. However the coding and site designs are all similar on giveaway sites, leaving the opportunity for someone with the software creation skills to make joining giveaway sites quicker and less of a chore.

Keith Purkiss has done just that and has created a software called Push Button Giveaways that he’s promoting with John Thornhill. It makes the process of joining and submitting to giveaways much faster and easier. Keith created a list of 19,543 subscribers in a year with giveaways, so I definitely wanted to try his system and software out.

The list of giveaways is continually updated within Push Button Giveaways. I joined eleven giveaways, which took me four hours. Most of the time was spent learning and setting up the software. I could now set up the same amount in under an hour.

To join giveaways you do not need your own product. You can get a free giveaway with private label rights. PLR products can usually be issued under your name and given away or sold as if you’ve created them, rather than got them “off the shelf”. I plan to do this myself, because I’ve been told that internet marketing products do a lot better than eBay based products in giveaways.

So how can you benefit from giveaway events?

If a zero to low investment opportunity to start or increase your list is something that interests you, here’s what I suggest:

If you’ve not got products of your own, get three free PLR products. Make sure that they’re high quality and focus on the internet marketing niche. If you can’t find any, go to the Ultimate PLR Giveaway, open between 1st – 8th July.

Join the list building service AWeber if you’ve not done already.

Create squeeze pages for your products (Google the term and also “free squeeze pages” for more).

Get Push Button Giveaways and join most of the current events quickly. Here are the giveaways I’ve joined:

Giveaways to join

Or if you want to keep costs down, apply without Push Button Giveaways. If you just want to join one or two, these are the events I upgraded on:

4th of July 2011 Giveaway (I paid for the upgrade on this one because it looked like one of the best offers)

St Swithins Day Special (Original gifts only)

If you need any help setting things up, just email me and I’ll help you out.

Remember if you’ve not tried giveaways before, that this is new to me as well. I’ll come back in two weeks time and tell you how I’ve done, and you can let me know how successful giveaways have been for you. Deal?

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  1. I really enjoyed this article fella….it makes sense to give away stuff for free…it’s all about building relationships.

    Good stuff.

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