Win with Amazon’s price fixing feature

Did you know that Amazon bans sellers from undercutting prices on some products that they sell? As a result it’s difficult for private sellers to compete effectively on Amazon.

Thinking about selling at a high price on Amazon, and a lower price for the same product on your own website? Amazon will ban you from their site if they find out.

To sell on Amazon you need to

  1. Research a niche
  2. Ensure that niche is not dominated by Amazon
  3. Source products via wholesale or liquidation. Or sell your own product.
  4. Make buying from you the most attractive choice for potential buyers.
  5. Have your goods shipped on time to customers.
  6. 6. Keep popular products in stock to meet customer demand.

There’s more – that’s just for starters! No wonder some people give up before they’ve even started selling on Amazon.

But there is another way. And that’s affiliate marketing.

You can

  1. Cut down on niche research.
  2. Eliminate worry about Amazon niche domination.
  3. End product sourcing problems.
  4. Send your prospects to your own site and cut down on the competition.
  5. Leave it to the sellers to ship goods.
  6. Stop all your worries about stock problems.

So if affiliate marketing is so much easier, why don’t more people do it?

The feedback I’m getting is that some people far prefer the idea of selling physical goods to benefiting from other peoples’ efforts. Selling your own products is somehow more honest and understandable that affiliate marketing.

If you can get past that… what do you need to market as an affiliate?

First sign up as an Amazon Associate. It’s easy and free.

Then decide on a niche to market in.

Get a website and traffic to drive to your offers. So some basic HTML and search engine optimization skills are required here.

MORE problems?

What if you could get most of the work in these tasks Done For You?

There are dozens of DFY Amazon website packages available at the moment. The refund rate is usually 0 – 2%. So it’s odds on that people are buying these website packages because they WORK.

Stuck for a niche to sell in? Try Photographic Equipment. Photographers are fanatical hobbyists and this niche is very popular on Amazon.

What about Motorcycle Equipment? Again, bike owners are often obsessive about their hobby. And of course they need some accessories to keep their bikes running. And they often get them from Amazon.

An easy way of driving traffic to your offers is to create Squidoo lenses. Amazon and Google love Squidoo so with a bit of niche research you can get your lenses to rank high in the search engines, and sell well as a result. Find out more here.

Of course affiliate marketing isn’t for everyone. But if you’re prepared to try something different it could well be your route to big profits with Amazon.

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