Rocket Your AWeber Email Open Rate

Want to build an opt in mailing list of repeat customers? You should, because repeat customers are far more valuable than one time buyers. You’ll need an autoresponder service to build your list. The most popular of these is AWeber.

Even with a high opening rate, there’ll always be subscribers that don’t open your emails. It might be that they’ve not logged into their account for a couple of days – or maybe they just don’t like your email title. Perhaps they’ve missed your email in the masses of other emails they’ve received.

So how do you get these subscribers to read your messages? You could send the same email twice, but that would annoy some of the subscribers who have already opened your emails,  resulting in opt out cancellations. There is another way.

Turn on click tracking when you have an important link within your email. That way you can send another message to those subscribers that didn’t click on the link. Make sure that the content you send is new, as some subscribers will have already seen the previous email.

AWeber also enables you to identify the subscribers who didn’t open your previous email. Two days after sending, resend the same email with a different title. Allow two more days to pass and again repeat the process with the subscribers who didn’t open your revised title email. But remember that this second method only works with HTML emails, not text emails.

If you have had an AWeber account since before May 2008 you might have missed this, and you’ll need to upgrade your account to take advantage of AWeber analytics.

How To Increase Your Email Opening Rate With AWeber

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