My First Post…

In the following months I will be building my online business with the guidance of John Thornhill and Chris Malta. Here’s my story up till now:

My introduction to selling information came from John way back in 2004. I bought John’s information product on selling ebooks ‘How To Sell Ebooks on eBay Properley’ (sic); in about sixty days I was an eBay Powerseller. In those days eBay allowed direct ebook downloads rather than physical CDs, and John recommended using Outlook Express rather than Aweber as an autoresponder – times change!

I have since bought numerous products online. If I followed the product instructions to the letter, as I had done with the ‘Powerseller Challenge’ it would work just as well, right? If you’ve tried and failed with overhyped online info, you’ll know how untrue that is. So, I’ve come full circle and I’m now taking John Thornhill’s Marketing Masterclass.

In the meantime, I’ve traded printers and sold my own art on canvas using eBay and Amazon. What I have learnt will help people with eBay arbitrage, art and craft selling and beyond…

Overall I have had more success selling hard goods rather than information (by hard goods I mean tangible consumer products). So, to compliment John Thornhill’s Masterclass I am taking Chris Malta’s Online Workshop. Like John, Chris has a reputation for honesty and expertise. And Chris’s course also looks low priced, considering that his own websites have made him a multi millionaire.

If you are following a similar path, or you intend to, please check back and I will let you know the latest as I progress.

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