Now out: My Multimedia eBay eClass

This month I released my multimedia version of the eBay eClass. Seven lessons are delivered over the course of seven weeks teaching beginners to advanced eBay selling tactics.

In the eBay eClass I stress the importance of email marketing for eBay traders. eBay is great for cheap targetted traffic. It’s up to you to keep and profit from these potential customers.

Concentrate on keeping customers rather than just one shot selling. Include a link to your About Me page with every auction, then on your About Me page embed an Aweber form. Offer potential customers a free report, video or MP3 recording connected with your eBay selling niche if they optin to your list. In this way you can keep sending your prospects quality content, and the occasional paid offer until they buy from you.

Remember that once a prospect has visited one of your auctions they will probably never come back again. To a lesser extent this includes buyers too. So in the long run it pays to get a prospect’s email address.

Because of increasing eBay fees it’s never made more sense than now to get your potential customers off eBay and onto your own website. If you don’t have a site yet, at least get email correspondence going with your prospect so that you can send a list of your currently available products to them.

For example if you sell American comics you can get a free email address and call it something like Then on your eBay auction rather than using the standard eBay My Messages to communicate, tell your customers that if they require any further information on the auction item, or have any questions to write to for prompt and courteous assistance.

Anyone that writes to you can then receive a list of all the American comics you have in stock, with a slight reduction in your eBay prices. Direct them back to your web form on your About Me page so that they can sign up and get the first chance at your special offers on American comics.

Most eBay marketers know very little about internet marketing. These are the kind of strategies that can give you the leading edge over your competition.

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