New Arbitrage Product Due For Release

I’ve been working on my new product for the last few weeks. It’s called The eBay Auction Arbitrage Secret. After talking with John Thornhill I decided to concentrate on something that I had proven expertise in: buying and selling on eBay. I also have interviews with James J. Jones and Don Hoppe Jr. I already owned ebooks of theirs on eBay Arbitrage and know that they are also reputed internet marketers. They were ideal interview subjects, and I plan to boost the value of the product with MP3 downloads of the interviews as well as transcripts.

If you’re developing a product, interviews are an ideal way to boost value. Find someone in your niche with an internet presence. Suggest an interview with them: not only will it add to your credibility, there’s a high likelihood that they will promote your product to their list if they are featured in the product.

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