Online Selling: What’s working right now?

There are so many varied opinions on how to build an internet marketing business that it’s easy to get sidetracked – or give up altogether.

The best people to give advice are those that are making a full time living online right now.

I talked to eleven successful marketers and email copywriters for my Dynamite List Building product. This is what they agreed on:

If you have a mailing list and want to grow your business fast, email them AT LEAST once a day.

Everyone I talked to was in agreement on this one. Personally I make a point of only emailing buyers of my products about four times a week. Non buyers can expect to receive quality content twice a day on average from me.

Use to build your subscriber list.

The article marketing sites took a pounding from Google last year. Google thought that sites like were displaying too many ads and poor quality content. The resulting Google slap saw search engine rankings plummet for article sites.

Article marketing can’t be totally discounted, but where’s best for getting your quality free content seen online in 2012?

Repurpose written content that you already have: articles, adverts, interviews, etc. Turn it into screenshot videos. Then upload it to You Tube. They allow you to place a clickable link in the text below your video.

Because they own You Tube, Google loves this traffic! You can find your videos high in the search results within a couple of days.

Make sure you offer relevant, high value products to potential subscribers.

If you haven’t got your own product, private label rights products are one option. You can rebrand these as though you’ve written them. However, the best ones are often expensive.

So what option do you have other than PLR?

Master Resale Rights is a good alternative option. You can’t brand them as your own. But there’s plenty to choose from so you should have no problem finding some good content to give away to new or current subscribers.

I recently bought an MRR offer that’s difficult to beat for quality and value. It gives you the chance to not only pick and choose from 250 products but resell the entire package at the price of your choice. You can see it here.

Ebooks aren’t enough anymore.

Whenever possible add value to your paid products with video and audio.  Give your customer a choice of formats. PDF is still most popular. But many people prefer audio or video – or a combination of formats.

Try to deliver content over weeks rather than all at once. This increases real and perceived value for the customer – and makes it easier for them to put the content into action.

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  1. Thanks for the great advice Pete. A few other marketers I subscribe to have suggested the same as you. Good to know you are all on the same page. Thanks.


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