Outside The Box With Amazon

Part One

“What do I sell on Amazon Pete?”

This is one of the most frequent questions I get asked. Competition for ecommerce products of all kinds is fierce on Amazon. So from the outset, you need to think outside the box. Here are a few ideas for you…

Sell multiples of your item in one listing

Can your customer use more than one of the products you’re selling? Then sell more than one product in each listing. For example, if you’re selling bottles of wine, why not take a red and a white and call it a Selection Pack? It’s easier to undercut your competition on pricing whilst still making a good profit. AND you’ve created a unique product.

Create bundled items of different accessories

This works particularly well for Playstation, iPhone, iPad, etc. related accessories. Amazon has allowed bundled products since November 2011 and a lot of sellers have been making good money with accessory bundles since then. My Auction Profit Formula contains more on this method.

Sell your own one of a kind items

Do you have a particular talent for creating anything? I’ve sold over 2,000 of my own pop art canvas prints on Amazon, for instance.  Or can you outsource creation of a product you’ve got in mind? Research what’s selling now on Amazon, and how you can put your own unique spin on it.

Set up an Amazon affiliate website

Like any other affiliate program, this involves promoting products already listed on Amazon. You get a percentage from the sale price of each product sold. Affiliate commission percentages are low on Amazon products, so it’s important to target high demand, expensive niches to make good profits.

Azon Profit Store is a particularly good site theme. Amongst features that make it stand out:

When you Google to find a product that’s on Amazon, a short review and a star rating often appear in your search results. These are called rich snippets. Google loves rich snippets – Azon Profit Store utilizes them.

A prospective customer clicking to buy a product in your store is sent directly to the Amazon checkout page, unlike other site themes that send visitors to the product page.  It cuts a step out in the buying process, and closely aligns your site with Amazon in your prospect’s mind. This is a big deal!

Azon Profit Store is newbie and advanced friendly. Find out more here.

Look out for Part Two tomorrow with more about affilate sites and selling on Amazon.

Part Two

You can also buy pre designed Amazon affiliate websites that focus on one topic. High demand, high profit niches are the ones to go for. Have a look at this offer targeted at Amazon Affiliate Baby Essentials.

Similar eBay targeted sites were popular in the past. However as Amazon has eclipsed eBay as the premier ecommerce store, these have become rarer.

It can be difficult for the average seller to gain a foothold with Amazon selling. An Amazon affiliate site gives you a chance to join rather than beat the competition. Amazon stops other sellers from undercutting them on price on any of the products they sell, so it’s important to find other ways to profit on Amazon, instead of fighting an impossible battle of pricing competition with Amazon themselves.

Another major cash making opportunity on Amazon is with ebooks designed for the Amazon Kindle. This is a blog post in itself, so more on that later…

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  1. Hey Pete,
    Very informative post once again. I like the idea of bundling. it sets you apart from the crowd. The Amazon Affiliate site also sounds good. I’ll have to check it out.

    I’m always looking at ways to diversify my online business. You have given me another direction to travel.



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