Profit From eBay’s New Listing Rule

As of early September eBay is changing the amount of characters you can use in titles from 55 to 80. For eBay sellers, this is a big chance to improve your titles. So how can this change help you?

The main advantage is with keywords. You will have far more room to use them. As before you must avoid keyword stuffing and spamming in your titles or you run the risk of getting your listings stopped.

Here’s an example of how you can effectively utilize the maximium space for keywords in your title.

Let’s say you’re selling a first edition iPhone. You’re offering a second hand phone at a low start price. How can you get people to view your listing who are interested in buying a high end cell phone but not searching for an iPhone?

Find information on the web relating to Android phones and Blackberry phones. Put that information into your own words. Create a four page report on each phone type.

Now you will be able to use that in your title. So your title could read

IPHONE cell phone VGC includes accessories. Plus reports for ANDROID, BLACKBERRY

It’s always been a squeeze to get that kind of information into your title. Not now. eBay has moved closer to Amazon, where titles sometimes run to almost a paragraph.

Will this actually improve the buying experience? I don’t think so. For me there were no real problems with the 55 character titles. And the small amount of letters needed has made sure that most eBay sellers keep their titles simple and easy to understand.

But if you’re an eBay seller here’s a great chance to take advantage of this policy change.

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  1. Hi Pete

    Hope you are well and settling down in Spain.

    I have recently joined your ebay class and just thought I would pop by your site and say “Hi”

    I have been on Steve Wilkins site as well and been reading your guest post.

    I have been playing around with ebay for a few years just selling stuff out of the attic like a lot of people.

    Recently got involved in Internet Marketing, got some products from John Thornhill but wanted to get a bit more serious with Ebay.

    I think I might even have got onto your course via one of JOhns e-mails but ot sure 🙂

    Finding the course really good and picking up quite a few tips and tricks that have really helped me to progress forward.

    Looking at sourcing products now that will give me regular sales and profit.

    Looking forward to the rest of the course.

    Best Regards


  2. Thanks for your comments Zahid. Glad you’re making the most of the eBay eClass. We’re only in Spain for holidays for now…

  3. Hi Pete,

    I’m looking forward to the change but it does now mean extra work. Changing the titles of hundrens of items, on eBay, turbo lister and my auto responder is going to mean loads of extra work…..

    But with the extra sale generated through the extra keywords being added it should pretty soon pay for itself, I hope 😉

    Cheers Pete,

  4. Hey Pete

    Thanks for this information – I was not aware of this change on the way. I sell a few things on eBay, but am looking to add on more products. Every extra bit of strategy to market well helps !

    Mary Kathan

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