Profit on eBay With Cross Promotion

Here’s how to increase your eBay auction profits with cross promotion.

First, you run an eBay auction at a price point so low you know it will attract lots of visitors. Then, having attracted a high number of viewers, you upsell them to another higher priced auction. eBay allows you to put a link from one eBay auction listing to another. This is where your opportunity is.

Create two auctions. One to entice the price point buyers, and the other as the upsell product. For example:

In one auction list your lowest priced product. You price it at cost, or even less than cost. But make sure that you place a link in this auction to another of your eBay auctions with a higher priced product.

The link needs to say something like, “Go here now for other great deals on [higher priced product]”.

Make sure that the upsell auction has plenty of value. Your objective is to make it hard for the buyer to turn it down. The more extras that are included the more value there will be and the greater your conversion rate will be. Between 25% and 55% of the time a buyer trades up to the higher price point item.

This is very simple to implement. It’s not difficult to create two auction listings and to link them. (By the way, don’t do a reverse link. You don’t want visitors to your high value auction clicking away to your low price auction.) If you execute this correctly, you can definitely generate higher profits.

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