An Online Con To Beat Them All

Having just taken the day long live tuition with Chris Malta, I wanted to share my experiences with you. Firstly, here’s something that I hope will help to put any bad online marketing experiences you may have had into perspective.

There were five other people on Chris Malta’s course, two of whom had amateurishly designed sites up previous to the course. One had home page categories that were only half visible: the design was bigger than the screen. The other site featured cooking utensils – a highly competitive niche of course, needing some well chosen keywords. The only keyword used was ‘cooking’. I’ve just searched Google USA for cooking and got back 121,000,000 results. What do you think the chances are of getting onto page one of Google with ‘cooking’ as your only main keyword!?

It gets worse – they each paid $7,000 each for their websites! The company that designed them (who I won’t name) market mainly at seminars where their scam is most effective. In fairness to my fellow course attendees, they are by all accounts extremely persuasive.

Both people were told by Chris to scrap their websites and start again. I don’t blame them for not wanting to hear that. One said “Isn’t there anything I can do to save it?”

I’ve tried get rich quick marketing schemes on the internet too. In my view wasting my time is a bigger crime against me that wasting my money. Then again I’ve never spent $7,000 on a website that didn’t work… What do you think?

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  1. Hi Pete, I like the way your blog looks. I like that it is not all full of hoopla. Keep up the good work.

    What a shame that those people paid all that money. I don’t know about Chris, but the John Thornhill Master Class program is great if you apply yourself, worth every penny. All the best to you.

    Terry Conti

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