Convert Your eBay Buyers Into Customers

If you think about any of your sales transactions on eBay, you’re given access to information which marketers in other businesses would be happy to pay for. In a store, you select something off the shelf, take it to the checkout and pay for it. Now, if you by pay cash or credit card, the […]

My New Product On List Only Release

I’ve just finished Auction Profit Formula, a guide to selling electronic accessories on eBay and Amazon. The strategies I describe work in the largest markets including those for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. The market for these goods is mostly sewn up by the largest electronics suppliers and Apple’s low margins and exclusivity rules […]

Adjusting From eBay To Amazon

Anyone who begins trading on Amazon and expects it to be a carbon copy of eBay is in for a shock. Amazon is a more professional environment but lacks the sense of community that characterizes eBay at its best. One obvious way that Amazon differs from eBay is with regard to the comparatively few buyers […]

New Arbitrage Product Due For Release

I’ve been working on my new product for the last few weeks. It’s called The eBay Auction Arbitrage Secret. After talking with John Thornhill I decided to concentrate on something that I had proven expertise in: buying and selling on eBay. I also have interviews with James J. Jones and Don Hoppe Jr. I already […]

My First Post…

What I have learnt will help people with eBay arbitrage, art and craft selling and beyond…