The Dark Side Of Exit Splash

AWeber is the company that looks after my subscriber list. The list is the most valuable thing that I own.

So I was less than happy when I received a message as I worked on my account which read: “Your AWeber account has been blocked.”

No explanation. No clues as to why my account was blocked.

Maybe it was blocked for good.

It was 2.00 AM US Eastern Standard Time. AWeber wouldn’t be open for another six hours. So who – or what process – closed the account and why?

I checked my AWeber account backup. I’d saved my account. But only up to four weeks ago. So I stood to lose thousands of subscribers.

A call to AWeber at 8 AM EST cleared most of the mystery up. There are some websites that trigger account blocks – something I had no idea of before. AWeber agreed to unblock my account but warned that the account I was promoting was a spam site.

So I checked the page. It’s a trade swap I did with another internet marketer. As usual I’d opted in to check that the offer was good. It was a standard internet marketing offer. Nothing wrong with it.

But I’d not found out what happened when visitors tried to close the page and NOT opt in. Every time I clicked to close the site another Exit Splash offer appeared. Offer after offer appeared to get me to stay on the site. In total EIGHT Exit Splash offers appeared.

Exit Splash is an essential piece of internet marketing kit. In fact I highly recommend it. But using it once, or twice at the most, is enough per page.

I’m not out to name and shame this marketer, despite the problems he caused me. I wrote to him. He agreed to – and did – amend his site. End of story.

Lessons learnt for me: back up AWeber weekly, not monthly. Check offers backwards, as well as forwards. And I’ll still keep using Exit Splash.

But never eight times per page.

4 Responses to “The Dark Side Of Exit Splash”

  1. Hi Pete,
    you have given some great advice here. I hate spam and there is nothing worse than a million exit splashes. Thanks for the advice on backing up your list. I wasn’t even aware you could do that! Guess what I’m going to do right now?


  2. Thanks for the blog on Exit Splash. The other day I tried to close a website and go to another one. It won’t let me. I was wondering how they do it. Thanks for explaining about that

  3. Hi Pete,
    Thanks for the real life tips on how not to us exit splash.


  4. Hi there Pete,

    A similar thing happend to me a while back, and I had no back-up. But I most certainly do now. Its on my weekly to do list.

    Exit splash pages can be a right nightmare too, I only tend to give then just one chance to reconsider my offers.

    Anyway great post and I will be visiting again.

    Barry J

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