The Difference Between Online Success And Failure

“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent success.”
– Napoleon Hill

My biggest success on the internet has been selling information products. I have no doubt that creating and selling information products is the best business model on the internet, because it’s the one that’s within reach of most of us, practically and financially.

Here’s a bit of background on how I got started and a story that I’ve not told before, about my first and nearly last Clickbank information product launch.

In 2008 I made plans to launch my first downloadable ebook. It contained details on what I knew was a genuinely original method of eBay niche arbitrage that was making me good profits month after month. The product was (drum roll) The 60 Second Secret.

I wrote and designed my product and sales page, made a sales video and got a couple of internet marketers to sell it with me. I was set for success – or so I thought. Problem. The 60 Second Secret tanked. My ebook was a 100% gold plated Clickbank clunker.

Fast forward to 2010. I decided to give info products another shot. I enrolled in John Thornhill’s Masterclass, a nine month course designed to help you develop a full time online information business.

I had three ideas for products. They were for a guide to graphic design, a Search Engine Optimization ebook and a revamped version of my ebook. At that point, starting a new product from scratch sounded far better to me than revisiting The Dreaded 60 Second Secret.

I got a much needed second opinion from John Thornhill to see which idea he thought was the best. Which one do you think he went for? The 60 Second Secret was, of course, the one to work on. John’s thinking was: “Your system is successful, and you’ve already written it. So why make more work for yourself?”

eBay changes fast, and the ebook needed some updating. But around 90% of the information was still relevant, and stayed exactly the same. I started to see again how much potential the product had. I renamed it The Auction Arbitrage Secret, which definitely made more sense than The 60 Second Secret. I didn’t just get a couple of marketers to promote it, I got nine – and counting. As I picked up sales, I continued to add more subscribers to my list. Subscribers who I can now market to again and again.

I thought The Auction Arbitrage Secret deserved to be more than an ebook, so I launched it as a Multimedia E-Product. I wanted to include more of the different methods we now use to consume information. To my knowledge I’m the first Clickbank marketer to provide a product in multiple different video formats, and I know that other marketers are now following suit.

Everything I had done badly last time, I did better this time. I made online contacts. Successful marketers who helped me. The main difference between online success and failure for me was this: I had a mentor.

Without John Thornhill and his Masterclass course I know that I would not now be selling information products successfully online. And it’s not just me. The Masterclass has launched dozens of marketers to full time online careers. The fact is, if you try to launch your own online business without help from an experienced teacher, the odds are stacked against you. But if you get help from the right teacher and are willing to work at it, the odds of success are strongly in your favour.

This month I’m launching a limited time promotion for John Thornhill’s Masterclass. I will be offering some exclusive bonus packages to people who buy the Masterclass program through my link. My bonuses will be geared to giving you an even greater chance of success online. I’m still finalising this package, but I can tell you now that it will include direct access to me via email and Skype, so that I can assist you in any way to help build your online business.

To get more information on this special offer, make sure you’re signed up to my subscriber list. If you’re not, just fill in the form at the top right of this blog now. In the next few days I’ll get back in touch to tell you about my exclusive bonuses. And if you have any questions please ask!

Here’s to your success in 2011,


4 Responses to “The Difference Between Online Success And Failure”

  1. Hi Pete

    I am one of John Thornhills Master class students.

    Popped over to check out your site.

    I like your story of how you ened up joining the Master class.

    I have just joined up to your List to get my freebie, sounds like a great tool.

    Looking good, all the best for 2011.



  2. Thanks for that Zahid. I’m sure you’ll like the article software.

  3. 2009 JTMC student out site seeing!I see that you have made a few changes.Looking good!
    I have a few new things going too!
    I hope all works out for you.

  4. Having a mentor makes so much diffeence, Pete. I already had a product when I started Masterclass and managed to produce two more whilst on the course. Great going, good luck with it.

    Enjoy the journey.


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