What the other marketers DON’T tell you

Suspicious subscriber Mary Bradley writes regarding my subscribers list. She asks:

“Why do you want me to join your buyers list? I’m already subscribed. How many lists am I supposed to be on?”

First of all, this is my fault for assuming everyone knows how an autoresponder mailing service works. So here goes…

I’ve got two lists. One is for freebies: people who’ve not bought anything from me yet. The second is for buyers, who’ve bought one of my products or something I’ve recommended.

Once you buy from me you’re automatically cancelled from the freebies list. The catch is you have to fill in a form in order to be cancelled from the freebies. So I usually offer you a free gift as a thank you for buying.

Just about everyone who markets on and offline keeps a buyers list. A buyer is worth about ten times the value of a freebie seeker – some people estimate even more.

Who do you think gets the best offers? Who’s more likely to get mailed the least amount of times and get the best quality offers? Of course it’s the buyers.

I’ll send about fifteen emails a week to freebie seekers. Buyers can expect three a week on average.

Most marketers have a similar strategy. Few tell you that they do it. And of course you’ll only see the difference when you actually buy from them.

I’ll do my best to get you to internet marketing success. You’ll get the best content and offers that I can provide.

But freebies travel economy. Buyers travel club class. OK?

And if you’re not building a buyers list from your customers, what better time to start doing it than now?

5 Responses to “What the other marketers DON’T tell you”

  1. Hello Pete, I understand that you treat your buyers well. I receive emails daily from you and look at mostly all of them. I sell on ebay so I am interested in other ideas to sell more on ebay. I am just not sure what will help me the most. I am in the golf business and sell golf equipment on ebay because I know that market. I do not have an endless source of golf equipment so I am limited on what I can make. What do you suggest?

  2. Hi Don, If your supplies of golf equipment are limited, why not find more suppliers? Wholesalers and dropshippers can be found via Salehoo.com and WorldwideBrands.com. AliExpress.com will supply you with low priced wholesale goods. Also consider selling on Amazon and through your own website. That’s off the top of my head without knowing the details of your business. Hope it helps…

  3. Hi Pete,
    I’ve been a subscriber of yours for a while now. I really appreciate your honesty in this post. I know which list I’m on lol!
    It makes sense to separate your lists as the freebie seekers do nothing to help themselves. They just take. At some point in time, people have to part with their cash if they want to get ahead. I’ll probably upset some people with these comments but I tell my own list the same thing. If you put nothing in then you get nothing out. Keep up the great work.


  4. Dear Pete,
    Thank you so much for the email and the information you shared. You sound like a very open, caring individual and I will be looking forward to the emails that I signed up for. I have spent thousands of dollars on marketing info only to not understand half of them, nor do I really know the computer that well.The result? Money wasted! As for building a list, or lists, of course I understand the logic, just not the “hows”. I would be glad for some help in this area.

  5. Hi, Peter

    Thanks for the information on how you set up your autoresponder
    and the method you use to get the freebie to become buyer great article.

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