The Best Ecommerce Course

Do you sell physical goods online? Because sooner or later you’ll get tired of paying eBay and Amazon fees and you’ll want to set up your own website. Selling independently demands a whole new skill set. Niche and keyword research, search engine optimization and shopping cart installation are just some of the skills you need to master. Here are the three main online options designed to help make ecommerce successful for you.

First up is Audrey Kerwood’s Ecom Incubator. Audrey wrote Building A Yahoo Store with Andy Jenkins. She also co-owned two successful sites with him. Want to know what kind of obscure niche markets the independent trader needs to succeed online? These sites sell replica armor and European wall hangings! Now Audrey has main ownership of these sites.

My main disappointment with this course is the presentation. Was the audio phoned in? And the video picture quality is lower than average too. This is a shame, because Audrey has real value to communicate.

Chris Malta has long had a reputation as one of the most trusted ecommerce experts on the Internet. He has been trading online since 1996. Chris runs a one day course in which you join four to eight people online.

This was the class I took with two fellow students who previously dropped $7,000 each on websites that didn’t work! Chris advised them to get rid of the sites and start again.

He then teaches the small class the basics of building an ecommerce business. Obviously you’re going to need more than a day’s tuition, so Chris is available via email or phone. To get the most of this course you really need a Worldwide Brands membership. Chris Malta is CEO of this company.

The Worldwide Brands dropshipper search engine is the best you can use. You can search for pre-approved quality dropshipping companies from their own database. At $495 for the course and $319 for a lifetime membership of Worldwide Brands this is the most expensive option. Whether or not your investment is repaid depends mostly on the effort you put in.

One criticism: Chris has become a multi-millionaire primarily with selling physical goods. He is now solely a tutor and information marketer. Would it be difficult for him to maintain a flagship ecommerce stall? Doesn’t the fact that he fails to do this add fuel to the belief that ecommerce is overcrowded and that the real online money is in selling information?

Niche Market Blueprint 2.0 is the best selling online ecommerce course from Tim Godfrey and Steve Clayton. They’ve both made tens of thousands of dollars from the methods they outline. Their flagship site is which sells (obscure niche alert!) train horns. Check this site out – it’s one of the best optimized ecommerce sites I’ve seen.

Niche Market Blueprint 1.0 recommended using the paid search tool Market Samurai to find niches. Market Samurai is a bit clunky and laborious, but all the same it’s a reliable niche search tool. In NMB 1.0 there wasn’t a dropshipper list so finding suppliers was left to you.

The current version, Niche Market Blueprint 2.0, is a big improvement on the first edition. There’s now a large A-Z list of pre-approved dropshippers and a niche search engine that replaces Market Samurai and is far more effective.

Course content is in video and PDF format. They really do answer all questions you might have and the presentation is clear and concise. Having tried all these programs, Niche Market Blueprint 2.0 is the course I recommend.

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