Will Fat Fingers Still Make Money?

eBay misspellings have long been a great source of profits on eBay. I describe this money making method, also known as the Fat Fingers Technique, in The Auction Arbitrage Secret.

eBay expert Skip McGrath told me “In the old days you could take advantage of misspellings to find items cheaply that you could turn around and sell at a nice profit. Although you can still do this occasionally, the spelling editors have pretty much done away with that tactic.”

Yet Phil Lee of missing-auctions.com still profits well from misspellings in auctions. Watch this video where Phil gives you an in depth description of his methods.

So what difference has eBay’s improved search function made? In my experience, it’s made misspelling profits considerably rarer. Because this is not my main source of eBay arbitrage, that’s not a problem for me. But arbitrage misspelling profits are still definitely there, and using Phil’s missing-auctions.com as your misspelling search engine is an ideal way to find them.

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  1. Great video, Pete. A method still worth investigating, clearly.

    Enjoy the journey.


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